Sunday, 26 February 2012

My philosophy

Boys, Bitches and Banter was defiently a well deserved name for my blog. For a start Boys they come and go as they please with no clue about any consequences for other people involved. They are selfish, juvenile and act like 12yrs old most of the time. Bitches well we all know a few but its when your friends turn out to be the bitches that is when you know that you need to remove yourself from that situation. Banter well that's the good thing about having good friends not the bitches or the boys but the good friends that always listen to your constant jibberish and you know you can always have a laugh with. Boys are for sex, Friends are for life :)

Highlights of the week

Hi bloggers these are my sad but true highlights of my week. 
Tuesday: I had a private jump lesson on carlo with my instructor . Which was amazing as are last jump lesson was a disaster but we changed his bit and he was a completely different  horse. 
Wednesday: Again I had a lesson on carlo this time it was flat but he was really good and schooled really nicely. 
Thursday: Well not much happened Thursday. I had a jump lesson on a different horse which wasn't a disaster but was OK. 
Friday: Again not much exciting just getting excited for the rugby match on Saturday 
Saturday: Yard duties. On the plus side I schooled pony in my lunch break within the dressage boards and he was a saint. Finished yards. Watched the England vs Wales six nations rugby match. Which we lost 12- 19 but it was a good effort especially after the previous match. 
Sunday: Took pony on a nice hack with a friend in the sunshine. And that is it all for now. Rather average week but cant be exciting all the time. Well best finish marketing assignment before I get into trouble. LOL :) speak soon XOXO

Thursday, 23 February 2012

First Appearance's aren't always right

Having been to a few schools and colleges I have met a lot of people. Normally I am quite good at judging people, even though they always say you should never judge a book by its cover. I admit I am the first to do it. However today someone changed my opinion of them. Someone how I had written off as just another guy turned out to be just the opposite. Now this guy just so happens to be the same guy that I previously mentioned in my last post. I thought that I had "scared off" by asking for his number. Turns out he only just the message and has now given me his number so we will see where it goes from there. I think there could be a morrell to this story like don't judge people but I would say just go with what your gut tells you normally its right 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day one :) Drama as usual

It seems to be the fashion at the minute for friends to bitch and accuse others of completely idiotic things. In this case three friends all live together, however two of the friends notice that the third friend seems to be keeping her distance. Rather than being supportive and worrying about her the two friends end up coming to the worst conclusions thinkable. Now over the space of a few weeks the issue has escalated to extremes that the poor girl has had to move out of the house. I think this just shows that no matter how much you think you know someone things can just change at the drop of a hat. In other news at college today I had the best flat lesson on Carlo so far. Carlo is a horse that I ride on a regular basis if you read my blog you will be hearing lots about him. :)

This is Carlo :) 

Any way change of subject now to boys. I really don't understand what they want. Like the film "what women want" there should be one that is "What men want, other than sex". Now I have had a fair share of men interested but then when it comes down to any thing more than messaging etc they just completely shut down. For example recently I was messaging a lad I knew from school and we were flirty and stuff but as soon as I asked for his number that was it no communication since. Well I thought that was just my luck but oh well I see it as his lose lol. Well I think that is it for today. Speak soon bloggers XOXO