Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Catch up time

Think it has been just over a month since I last blogged .... oppps lol. Oh well loads of catching up to be done. Well since I last wrote on here my brother turned 18, congrats to him. Umm carlo the horse had his easter holidays with me at home and we had lots of fun hacking and jumping but didn't managed to get out to any competitions. Since being back at college it has been tough with trying to managed to get work done while being socialable at the same time, not so good when you have lots of work to be doing. Well can't complain to much all my work is nearly done just two assignments left, research methods and equitation. Hopefully gonna crack on with research methods tonight. But after friday its time to focus on exams need to nail them this year and work my ass off  if i wanna even be here for my third year. Gonna show a little pic of carlo's holiday, this is while we where out hacking.
On the byway 

well I will try to keep more updated of events in the upcoming weeks 

thanks speak soon