Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Olympics are here

Well as we all know the Olympics started today and currently with Mary king sat in third for individual dressage after day one, team GB are looking good. However also this summer I have had the privilege of spending weeks with members of the Brazilian eventing team. So really want to wish their members good luck. Currently individual Marcio is placed 23rd after the first day. However fingers crossed for a better result tomorrow. On other news I have nearly finished reading the dirty shades trilogy and yes I know what people have said about it. Yet I disagree. My summer of competing though has seem to of fizzeled out a bit for now though, but Show jumping next weekend should get us back into the swing of it. However though I have to admit that I am missing the girls from Moreton. Missing are evening chilling and the great nights out. Well lets hope September comes soon. Speak soon

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Another late night thinking session

Well after the conversation I had earlier today not sure some men understand women don't want the same things. Unfortunately this seems to be to common in this century. However in other news I received my exam results today .... ohhh yeah I passed all my modules. Plus took the horse show jumping unfortunately we had four faults yet still not stopping, although there was some unexplainable bronking mid warm up. Silly Pony. I finished reading fifty shades of grey OMG. It is a good book but I don't think it is as bad as some have said. Plus just ordered the next two gonna be a long summer of reading. Not only books but also journals as I now have a dissertation to crack on with and well these constant sleepless late nights aren't gonna help. Ohhh dear well sleep is now required.

Monday, 16 July 2012

what a lack of sleep leads to

Well it is 2:36 am and I am currently still wide awake with an alarm clock set for 7am. Now to any normal person this would seem silly and yet my brain will not allow my subconscious to let me sleep. Something's that go through your mind in this time on the day or night in my case. Is this what people call stress ??? to me it's not really that stressful just more frustrating. Hence the general Ramblings. Well any way what is going on with me. Well just laid out a competition schedule for the rest of the summer. And need to do plenty of research for my dissertation which I go back to in September. So much for a break from uni stuff. other than that life seems to be flowing by. Although at the age of 21 I do sometimes wonder whether I should have all ready done more. Any way this was yet another time less and not very usual piece of information.

Speak soon :)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Summer time

Well its defo been a long time since my last post. A lot has happen'd since, well for a start it is summer and I enjoying chilling at home and down the yard with the horses. I've started my competition schedule for the summer. we did are first clear round show jumping a fort night ago and dressage last Tuesday where we scored 61.25% for Prelim 14. We came 10th overall and 6th within the open section. Tomorrow is gonna be   a busy day as i've got a full day at the yard as well as evening clear round show jumping at keysoe. Other than horses though not much else is going on. However there is so much to do in so little time. Need to re-book my driving test after my driving instructor couldn't do my first test date which then messed everything up. Then need to get my moped fixed and sell it, in order to buy a car. Goodness me. Plus waiting for my results from my exams. Ohhh dear me.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Catch up time

Think it has been just over a month since I last blogged .... oppps lol. Oh well loads of catching up to be done. Well since I last wrote on here my brother turned 18, congrats to him. Umm carlo the horse had his easter holidays with me at home and we had lots of fun hacking and jumping but didn't managed to get out to any competitions. Since being back at college it has been tough with trying to managed to get work done while being socialable at the same time, not so good when you have lots of work to be doing. Well can't complain to much all my work is nearly done just two assignments left, research methods and equitation. Hopefully gonna crack on with research methods tonight. But after friday its time to focus on exams need to nail them this year and work my ass off  if i wanna even be here for my third year. Gonna show a little pic of carlo's holiday, this is while we where out hacking.
On the byway 

well I will try to keep more updated of events in the upcoming weeks 

thanks speak soon 

Friday, 16 March 2012

Party time at the morrell

Well considering I have a 1000 word summary due Monday and a 2000 word assignment due Friday. I for some reason thought it would a good idea to go out twice in one week and get absolute hammered . Firstly I went out with all the first years on Tuesday for someone's Birthday dressed as "forces" theme. So being last minute I found my most sailor like dress and got on it like sonic. Was such a good laugh but a bit odd without the normal lot with me. Then last night as "Rave" in the SU which was the best. Got absolutely wasted, drunk half a bottle of jack daniels and then decided after about an hour at rave that it was such a good idea to go to town. Well it was probs the best decision i've made all week. Had such a laugh with the bestie, was such a good night especially at the fact that someone managed to out drink me. LOL. Plus the fact that there where a few hot guys out. So all together had such a good few days. But unfortunately now I have to crack on with my work. Speak soon XOXO

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A week of highs and lows

Well what a funny week. Up till Wednesday everything was fine and normal. Now Wednesday came and so did my double bridle lesson which was a slight waste of time for me but it was ok once my instructor got off the horse that is so I could get back on. Then thursday came and disaster struck. We all decided to have a swop around in are jumping lesson well it didnt go all to well, when I had to swap horses because I really couldnt ride the first one and ended up breaking down and crying in the middle of a lesson. looking back it was rather funny. Then thursday evening second jump lesson of the day which was better. Friday was normal and saturday was such a laugh. Rode carlo saturday morning and then later in the morning I went shopping with some friends and it was the most fun I have had in a while. Well and today has been good so far with the sun out spending the day chilling until tonight when I need to crack on with more assignments. Well 3 down only another 5 to go. Speak soon XOXO