Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day one :) Drama as usual

It seems to be the fashion at the minute for friends to bitch and accuse others of completely idiotic things. In this case three friends all live together, however two of the friends notice that the third friend seems to be keeping her distance. Rather than being supportive and worrying about her the two friends end up coming to the worst conclusions thinkable. Now over the space of a few weeks the issue has escalated to extremes that the poor girl has had to move out of the house. I think this just shows that no matter how much you think you know someone things can just change at the drop of a hat. In other news at college today I had the best flat lesson on Carlo so far. Carlo is a horse that I ride on a regular basis if you read my blog you will be hearing lots about him. :)

This is Carlo :) 

Any way change of subject now to boys. I really don't understand what they want. Like the film "what women want" there should be one that is "What men want, other than sex". Now I have had a fair share of men interested but then when it comes down to any thing more than messaging etc they just completely shut down. For example recently I was messaging a lad I knew from school and we were flirty and stuff but as soon as I asked for his number that was it no communication since. Well I thought that was just my luck but oh well I see it as his lose lol. Well I think that is it for today. Speak soon bloggers XOXO 

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