Friday, 16 March 2012

Party time at the morrell

Well considering I have a 1000 word summary due Monday and a 2000 word assignment due Friday. I for some reason thought it would a good idea to go out twice in one week and get absolute hammered . Firstly I went out with all the first years on Tuesday for someone's Birthday dressed as "forces" theme. So being last minute I found my most sailor like dress and got on it like sonic. Was such a good laugh but a bit odd without the normal lot with me. Then last night as "Rave" in the SU which was the best. Got absolutely wasted, drunk half a bottle of jack daniels and then decided after about an hour at rave that it was such a good idea to go to town. Well it was probs the best decision i've made all week. Had such a laugh with the bestie, was such a good night especially at the fact that someone managed to out drink me. LOL. Plus the fact that there where a few hot guys out. So all together had such a good few days. But unfortunately now I have to crack on with my work. Speak soon XOXO

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