Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Olympics are here

Well as we all know the Olympics started today and currently with Mary king sat in third for individual dressage after day one, team GB are looking good. However also this summer I have had the privilege of spending weeks with members of the Brazilian eventing team. So really want to wish their members good luck. Currently individual Marcio is placed 23rd after the first day. However fingers crossed for a better result tomorrow. On other news I have nearly finished reading the dirty shades trilogy and yes I know what people have said about it. Yet I disagree. My summer of competing though has seem to of fizzeled out a bit for now though, but Show jumping next weekend should get us back into the swing of it. However though I have to admit that I am missing the girls from Moreton. Missing are evening chilling and the great nights out. Well lets hope September comes soon. Speak soon

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