Monday, 16 July 2012

what a lack of sleep leads to

Well it is 2:36 am and I am currently still wide awake with an alarm clock set for 7am. Now to any normal person this would seem silly and yet my brain will not allow my subconscious to let me sleep. Something's that go through your mind in this time on the day or night in my case. Is this what people call stress ??? to me it's not really that stressful just more frustrating. Hence the general Ramblings. Well any way what is going on with me. Well just laid out a competition schedule for the rest of the summer. And need to do plenty of research for my dissertation which I go back to in September. So much for a break from uni stuff. other than that life seems to be flowing by. Although at the age of 21 I do sometimes wonder whether I should have all ready done more. Any way this was yet another time less and not very usual piece of information.

Speak soon :)

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